The Beautiful Advantages of CBD as an Epilepsy Treatment

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Did you know that medical cannabis can be an effective epilepsy treatment and help with other common conditions? Everyone is a perfect candidate for medical cannabis. Many people living with unpredictable and uncontrollable seizures have reported CBD-rich cannabis as beneficial. Cannabis is the Latin name for what is usually referred to as marijuana. Marijuana typically […]

Marijuana and Opioid Addiction: How Cannabis Can Help Battle Abuse

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Is there a better choice between marijuana and opioid addiction? Thankfully, there is. Taking opioids to relieve and manage pain is harmless at first, but they are effortless to become addicted. Most don’t realize they have even become dependent until it is too late. Marijuana on the other hand is generally non-addictive and can be […]

“A Remarkable Look Behind Medical Marijuana And Anxiety”

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As a nurse, I am sometimes asked how I feel about marijuana and anxiety. I understand why it can be confusing. Anxiety was only added to the list of qualifying conditions in 2019, just a little under 2 years ago. The question of whether medical marijuana will cause anxiety or relieve it is an ongoing […]