Exploring 5 Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis

multiple sclerosis awareness

Living with multiple sclerosis (MS) can be challenging, but emerging research suggests that medical marijuana, also known as cannabis, may hold promise as a treatment option. In this article, we will delve into the top 5 benefits of medical marijuana for individuals with MS. If you or a loved one is seeking relief from MS […]

Reasons Why We Love CBD For Dogs

cbd for dogs

Are you wondering if CBD is safe to give to your dog? Giving your dog a supplement that can help it relax, feel calm, and deal with pain sounds exciting. But many pet owners are unsure about CBD for dogs. With cannabis legalized in more states every year, it’s no surprise that people are now […]

Is Medical Marijuana Used in Neuropathy Treatments?

neuropathy treatments

Did you know that more than 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy? However, the number might be more significant as not all people go through the process of evaluation and testing. As the medical field learns more about neurology, more and more neuropathy treatments are becoming available. These new treatments help patients manage their […]