Stimulant or Depressant? Where Cannabis Falls On The Scale.

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There are 36 states and four territories in the United States where the medical use of marijuana products is legal. While cannabis is a common recreational drug, researchers have been increasingly discovering the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of this plant. Cannabis is used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including sleep issues, nausea, chronic […]

CBD vs THC: Your Ultimate Guide To The Medical Benefits

cbd vs thc

Did you know that approximately 6.8 million adults suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)? Along with this increase in anxiety, about 50 million adults also suffer from chronic pain. Together they make up for over 40% of all groups of people in the United States and these numbers continue to increase. Do you suffer from […]

The Life Changing Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Cancer

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In 1996, California became the first state in the United States to legalize cannabis for medical use. This sparked a trend that led most states in the country to legalize medical marijuana by the year 2016. People across the US use medical marijuana for a wide variety of conditions and symptoms including pain, muscle tension, […]