Medical marijuana certification is a new beginning

medical marijuana certification in pennsylvania

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Let’s talk about medical marijuana certification and re certification processes.

I cannot tell you how important it is. It can be very confusing. But it is necessary to have access to the medicine you may need.

What happens when I try to get certified?

Typically, when patients come in to get a medical marijuana certification, we first address all questions and talk about the process of getting certified to better acquaint you with the journey.

  1. You submit your information
  2. We register you with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, if you haven’t already done so.
  3. You make payment for certification and see the doctor.
  4. We complete your medical marijuana certification
  5. You pay the state $50 and receive your card in the mail.

It’s a one stop shop, if you will. We even take state payments.

What comes next?

You will receive you medical marijuana card within 3-21 days, although most often it only takes 5-7 days.

It will look like a drivers license and have two dates on it:

  • Activation date
  • Expiration date.

This means you can contact the dispensary of your choice and/or make an appointment to see a pharmacist to talk about your case.

I highly recommend having a list of symptoms and your diagnosis before you go in so you don’t get tongue-tied or forget crucial information.

The state will send you an email 60 days before it expires to let you know that you qualify for re certification. the state will also send you another email within 30 days that you can pay the additional amount for the state card.  

How do I see a pharmacist?

Now that you’ve paid the fees and you’ve received your card, you are free to go online or call any dispensary in Pennsylvania to make an appointment to see the pharmacist. Some will even take walk-ins.

What happens when I talk to the pharmacist?

You’ll go in and have an interactive conversation about your symptoms and diagnosis.

They will recommend different products and various routes for administration based on this discussion.

This is what you’ve been waiting for .  

You can buy pretty much what you want, up to a 30 day supply.

It will take time to discover a regiment of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis farms and products that work best for you.  

My philosophy, as is my teacher Dr. Dustin Sulak up in Maine, is that you start low and go slow, it will take you 30 to 90 days to figure out a regiment.  When you start low and move slow, you don’t end up over medicated. Your pharmacist should discuss this with you.

Not to mention…it’s alot cheaper!

Favorite medical marijuana treatments

One of my favorite regiments is to use a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, full-spectrum cannabis product. It is a great baseline to find the therapeutic dose for yourself.

Many patients will use a higher CBD derivative during the day and a THC at night to help them sleep at night.  

Certifying with Medical Marijuana Specialists

Once you get certified, you are certified for one year!

If you have any questions about your medical marijuana certification, we will gladly consult at no charge to you.  

We occasionally give free seminars and dispensaries also give free seminars to further your education, but I think the process is the most important thing when patients come in to see us.


Re-certification after a year is what we specialize in.  

There are so many variables that questions come easily. No problem. Medical Marijuana specialists are available to all residents in Pennsylvania.

If you received your medical marijuana certification from another practitioner, you are still free to come see us. We will gladly walk you though the process.

Be well and know that we care.   


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