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cannabis derived terpenes

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You know how the right music can make you feel emotions that just put that extra spring in your step?

Those same emotions come by during those great times when you’re like, ‘Wow, I could use my vape pen right now! Or how about a nice dose of Rick Simpson Oil? But then you’re left searching for that perfect strain….

Until you finally find that strain that perfectly replicates that tune you can vibe to and completely makes your day.

The recently discovered cannabis derived terpenes offer a new approach to medical marijuana, especially when combined with others.

Specific terpene options and types of cannabis strains, CBD or THC, can give you different medicinal effects. This would be something to take to the Harvest Ball to get what you want and need with the best cannabis cultivators.

Understanding what types of terpene properties there are can help you find the right one for you. Stay tuned to this helpful guide to learn what they are and how to use cannabis derived terpenes to your advantage.

What are Terpenes?

Raphael Mechoulam, the ‘Father of Cannabis Research’ as he’s been coined, was the first to research THC scientifically. Mechoulam has been at the forefront of many advancements in the cannabis culture, and medical marijuana continues to grow in popularity because of him!

Cannabis derived terpenes are naturally, not synthetically, formed in marijuana. It’s also interesting to note that different terpenes can also be found in plants outside of cannabis use.

Terpenes are the aromatic oils or compounds that give cannabis its distinct smell and taste. They can be extracted from plants like flowers and trees, but they are typically only used in concentrates.

The best example is limonene, which smells like citrus fruit. Terpenes can also be used to treat various medical conditions such as depression and anxiety because of their psychoactive effects on people.

In fact, some strains have been bred specifically for their high levels of the specific types of terpenes profiles. For example, “Super Silver Haze” has 18-23% THC. This strain of marijuana has blends of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.

There are over 100 different compounds that have been identified in cannabis. Many thought leaders, enthusiasts, and people using cannabis products prefer naturally grown terpene options.

Understanding How Cannabis Derived Terpenes Work

An average of 120 to 150 or more types of terpene can be present at any given time.

The first step in using different types of terpenes is understanding what they do. Some may act as antioxidants, while others may stimulate the appetite. However, most work together to create different experiences that pleasantly help with various ailments.

You can mix different types of cannabis with various terpene options to get the desired effect. It’s not a perfected formula, as the way it is grown and handled will affect not only the cannabis products but also the terpenoid profiles. However, it is possible.

cbd terpenes
Terpenes in Full Spectrum CBD

If you want to increase the sedative properties of your strain, make sure that there is a blend of limonene. This terpene has a citrusy scent and helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Another terpene option to change the taste and experience of your cannabis products is to add myrcene. It gives it a herbal, fruity aroma. Myrcene is known to help sedate you and treat pain or inflammation, making it great if you have arthritis or anything similar.

Know What Your Options Are

The word terpene comes from the Greek word “turpentine.” You can probably recognize this from using it in art if it interests you or in varnishes. It refers to its distinct smell when it’s burned (or cracked open).

You should note down the different scents alongside what they help with, as it can help you focus on what you need before even seeing it. The sedative effects in the types of terpene may differ and help with different ailments, from issues like anxiety and brain cancer to epileptic seizures.

Below is a list of a few of your most common cannabis derived terpenes options and what they do.

  • Limonene: stress and better moods
  • Caryophyllene: better moods, treats pain or inflammation  
  • Myrcene: treating pain, inflammation, or acts as a sedative  
  • Pinene: Boosts energy levels and memory   
  • Terpinolene: sedative, antioxidant, antifungal    
  • Humulene: anti-inflammatory  
  • Linalool: sedative
  • Ocimene: decongestant  

Here is an example of how particular types of cannabis work together to create synergy. THC and CBD synergy makes pain relief possible. When THC and CBD work together, they trigger a release of neurotransmitters associated with pain relief, as seen above.

When you combine your terpene with the compounds, you boost the types of cannabis to your advantage. Adding caryophyllene and myrcene will give you a heavy, spicy aroma blended with a rich herbal scent as it works to treat your pain and inflammation while sedating you.

You’re essentially stuck on the couch unless you decide to try to make it to the kitchen and back.

Use the Entourage Effect

If you’re looking to harness the full potential of cannabis products, it’s essential to understand how all its components work together.

The entourage effect is when numerous cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) work together, as you may know. Though it’s taken a step further, terpenes and flavonoids (responsible for color) combine alongside them.

Cannabis Entourae Effect

When they do, it enhances the others’ health and therapeutic effects. This allows people with chronic illnesses or mental health issues to use fewer medications than they would need so they can get relief from symptoms.

Cannabis use has been used medicinally for centuries, and research continues into its benefits and medicinal properties. Medical marijuana can treat many ailments. There are over 400 different compounds that have been scientifically proven to contribute to these positive health outcomes.

Did you know that your body naturally produces cannabinoids? The fact that we have these specific receptors inside us allows these different compounds to target specific areas more than others. It enhances the types of cannabis effects accordingly, which can be different for some people.

Consider After-effects and Side-Effects

Terpenes can be used to their full effect by understanding their impact on the mind and body. Each terpene’s unique aroma and taste contribute to its overall effect, as previously described.

The different types of terpenes vary in strength. It’s best not to use them without knowing how they’ll affect you personally before doing so! So the question is, which terpene influences inside your Indica, Sativa, or hybrid?

Keep an eye out for potential side effects of using cannabis derived terpenes.

If something seems off after consuming the cannabis products, check the dosage. Ensure that it wasn’t just from consuming too much of one of these particular types of cannabis strains at once.

This could result in some mild side effects that aren’t harmful to your body. You may feel dry mouth/throat/lungs due to an increased heart rate and dehydration. Other symptoms like headaches tend to happen when someone takes too much linalool at once.

When picking out a strain to use, look for specific cannabis derived terpenes profile that helps you achieve your goals. If you need to cut down on specific components, check and do just that. The same goes if you think you need to increase the effects of an ailment.

Keeping a Log of the Terpenes You’ve Used

Keep a log of the cannabis derived terpenes you’ve used. This helps you pinpoint exactly what you need and how to keep better track of everything you notice. If a strain doesn’t have any effects, using your record will help you understand why.

For example, try another strain with more floral or minty notes if you’ve been attempting a Sativa strain with some fruity terpenes that didn’t work. This could be a “Super Sour Diesel” with high components of limonene that is helping with your pain but isn’t easing your stress, but instead heightening it. Then note that down.

Every time you try a new strain with specific types of terpenes that work for you, keep track of which strains have them! So when other people recommend them in the future, or you look back on your logbook, it’ll be easy for everyone involved to know what to expect from each other based on past experiences.

Discover More About Medical Marijuana

We hope this cannabis derived terpenes guide helps you find the right terpene for your lifestyle!

Explore medical marijuana as it is more than just a herbal remedy. It’s a cannabis product that can help change your life. If you’ve wondered if cannabis works for your ailments, you’re in the right place!

Maybe you’re a Pennsylvania resident and looking for a medical marijuana specialist to help you in person. Contact us or get certified with a representative.We’re here to answer all your questions.


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