Reasons Why We Love CBD For Dogs

cbd for dogs

Are you wondering if CBD is safe to give to your dog? Giving your dog a supplement that can help it relax, feel calm, and deal with pain sounds exciting. But many pet owners are unsure about CBD for dogs. With cannabis legalized in more states every year, it’s no surprise that people are now […]

Why Getting Your PA Medical Marijuana Card is Worth It

get your id card pa license plate

Did you know that medical marijuana sales topped $900 million between April 2020 and March 2021, and are expected to grow to $3 billion within a few years? As of Jun 3rd, 2021, 548,468 patients are registered with 349,272 active certifications. If you are suffering from anxiety, pain, or any of the conditions that qualify […]

The Wonderful World Of Edibles And PA Medical Marijuana Laws


In early 2022, Mississippi became the 37th state to legalize medical marijuana. Legalization is just the first step in a months-long process before it reaches dispensaries and citizens. Pennsylvania marijuana laws came to fruition long before Mississippi. However, the laws are still changing, and knowing what medical marijuana forms we can buy makes all the difference […]